mercoledì 8 settembre 2010

Rumi & Andy at the Stockholm Fashion Week

Non hanno bisogno di presentazioni queste due stars della blogosfera.

La californiana Rumi Neely di Fashion Toast ( a destra) e la messicana, ma olandese d'adozione, Andy Torres di Style Scrapbook (a sinistra), sono state le prezzemoline delle Fashion Week scandinave.

Qui ritratte prima della sfilata di Nakkna al Berns Salonger a Berzelii Park, Stoccolma.

E voi, le seguite? Quale preferite?

Everyone knows these two stars of the blogosphere.

Rumi Neely (on the right) of Fashion Toast and Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook (on the left) didn't miss a single front row in the last Danish and Swedish Fashion Weeks.

This shot has been taken before the Nakkna fashion show at Berns Salonger, Berzelii Park, Stockholm.

Do you follow them? Which one do you prefer?

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10 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

I prefer Andy, and I follow her on Bloglovin' ;)
(i'm having a giveaway on my blog, until today 12 am, so if you're interested, go on !)

Not a Paper Cup ha detto... cool to see all these photos of Stockholm on everyones blog! :)...

I'm definitely more of a fan of Rumi...but they are both cool!

Carrousel de la Mode ha detto...

Hard choice, both are so fashionable!!
Anyway, Rumi!

Daisy ha detto...

I really like Style Scrapbook, I read it every single day!


les métamorphoses d'Alice ha detto...

j'adore andy donc mon choix etait deja fait

Anonimo ha detto...

Love both their style!

bloo. ha detto...

so chic!


Puck Litaay ha detto...

They are so cool. They are both very different, I don't really prefer one of them. I browse around a lot, and I usually end up at fashiontoast, the photography is amazing but some of the stuff Andy has is greaaaat!

Puck @

THE DESERT FOX ha detto...

Love it! x
stockholm is the place to be

ballet news ha detto...

brilliant !